IOS App Development

Experienced and talented professionals to shape your app

Erudite provides development, consulting & application launch services on iOS for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini. We have expertise in building mobile solutions for iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 including latest devices like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.

Erudite hires the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile apps developers. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development. With a team of dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help you meet challenges, tight deadlines and promises to the marketplace.


  • Holistic mobility which help in the realization of your business goals.
  • Pre built components and micro apps which reduce the time taken to market your apps.
  • Mobile testing services and mobile app maintenance.

Our mobile application development company has developed apps for the different domains including IT, Retail, Education, E-commerce, Pharmacy, Advertising, Healthcare, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Telecom, News, Multimedia, Weather, Banking, and Auction. We have developed apps for an auction bidder, retail domain POS functionality, mobile commerce process for instant purchasing, and got live data feeds displayed on the app home screen. Our mobile application development team has implemented apps for various categories, such as SMS gateway, E-commerce with payment integration, Web-based, Native, HTML5, Titanium, and PhoneGap.

Being a mobile application development company, we are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps.

Android App Development

Deliver exclusive and robust Android Apps

Erudite with its quality Android Programming Developers concentrates on delivering performance based Android applications with data and memory management. Erudite provides timely, efficient and affordable Android Mobile OS Programming Services having gained experience through challenging Android applications done for customers based in India, USA.

At Erudite with expert team of Android Application Development, we are ready to serve businesses by providing Android Application Development. Hire our Android App Developers who are leveraging our in-house expertise and technology. With sophisticated Android Application Development tools, we can create world-class applications and design optimized websites for Android.

What Makes Erudite Different for Android App Development?

At Erudite, we’re pretty proud of the differences between us and our competitors. Our industry-best pricing is certainly one major advantage, ensuring that even small and midsized companies can take advantage of Android app development solutions without breaking the bank. However, our robust team is another advantage, ensuring that we can provide in-house solutions throughout every step of the app development process, from concept to design to bug testing to final polishing. Erudite is different, and we invite you to come experience that difference.

Another thing that sets Openxcell apart from other Android app development companies out there is our experience. We’ve been there before. With over 250 apps developed to date on both Android and iOS, our experience and expertise ensure that you have the smoothest process possible, and that your project isn’t derailed by hurdles and complications that can affect new a new Android app development company. Our apps have seen immense success, and we’re proud to extend that to you.

We follow a simple process for mobile application development:
  • Analyse your business objective
  • Conceptualise the mobile application and create the application flow
  • Develop and Deploy the mobile application on the app store as an enterprise application or as a downloadable application, depending on your requirements.

Windows App Development

Providing Cutting Edge Windows App Solutions for your Long Term Mobility Plans

Windows Phone OS has so far remained in the shadows of iOS and Android. But off late we are seeing a strong surge in this platform especially after Microsoft has acquired the mobile giant Nokia. Thanks to the bevy of Windows OS-based smartphones and smart business decisions taken by Microsoft. In 24 countries, including Britain, Germany and France Windws phones have already began to outsell iOS devices. If you haven’t ventured into Windows Phone Application Development - this is the time to do so!

Microsoft in the recent years has positioned this OS as the golden mean between the openness of Android and closeness of iOS. Windows Phone is a highly extensible platform that offers you a host of opportunities to develop apps that are engaging and help you connect with your end users. The Live Tiles feature allows you to create distinct recognizable apps to market your brand.

WHY Erudite?

Erudite has highly skilled and experienced development team comprehending the clients’ requirements with a new perspective, bolstered by a customized approach. The applications are created catering to the customers’ needs and specifications. Our specialists help in designing the perfect applications that fit your requirements.

Erudite Application development services include:
  • Software Architectural Consulting
  • User-Interface Designing
  • Custom Windows 8 app development services
  • App porting and migration from other platforms
  • Continues updated
  • Back-end implementation
Erudite Development Rules:
  • Strict adherence to development plans & client specifications
  • Rigorous and thorough testing with several levels of quality checks
  • Project delivery within timelines, with cost effectiveness

We are one of the leading Windows Mobile app development companies in India catering to the needs of the clients around the globe.Our developers have worked on several successful mobile applications across different niches.They are well versed in .Net Compact Framework, SS 3, Silverlight Tech, HLSL, XAML/C#, JAVASCRIPT, HTML 5, Visual Studio J2ME andother domains that give us the confidence to take up the most challenging of assignments.

Why Do You Choose Us?

  • Team of Experienced developers
  • In-Depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies.
  • On – demand capacity to meet tight deadlines
  • Quality oriented work process
  • Timely delivery and cost effective services
  • Recognized for developing high quality and robust mobile apps
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