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With the mainstream popularity of advanced mobile devices exploding, the need for mobile-ready access to websites has transformed from the desirable to the absolutely essential. According to industry reports, the current mobile web design landscape can only broaden due to the unprecedented growth of products like Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Google's Android platforms.

Usually websites appear to be all jumbled up or are very difficult to navigate through, when accessed via a mobile phone or a smart phone. Try opening your existing website on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile phone that you use. You will see that the experience of browsing your site is not the same, when viewed on a Desktop or a Laptop.

With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet on their handhelds, it is important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites.

Our highly dexterous team of developers is very enthusiastic and work towards delivering high quality, cost effective product in a stipulated time frame.

Our mobile applications are interoperable and posses rich video and sound support. We work towards developing products that has speedy access and instant availability. Strict adherence to the mobile software development process like requirements analysis, project architecture and design, application development, testing, launch, and post release application maintenance has helped us in maintaining our rank as the top notch mobile software developer.

We have a unique expertise for our Mobility solutions and our products stand out in terms of rich functionalities. We provide mobile application development as well as Mobile web Application Development services. All our Mcommerce sites are generating high returns, keeping our patrons blissful and satisfied. We specialize in the development of native applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Why Mobile Website:

  • By 2012 there will be more smartphones connected to the internet than PCs.
  • 42% of the US uses a smartphone.
  • 14% of smartphone users look for restaurants on their phones.
  • IPhone users spend 55% of their time on the mobile web or in apps.
  • 500 million people never use a PC to access the web and only use a phone.
  • About 34 million Americans get dining and restaurant information from a mobile device.
  • Click-to-Call is one of the best ways to help users connect instantly with a Business
  • In its first three months, the Domino.s Pizza Mobile Site generated more than $2 million in orders.

Features of Mobile Website

  • Accessed on a variety of browser dimensions ranging from the smaller screens to the more popular larger screens(128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels and 320 x 480 pixels)
  • Used as an information dissemination platform for people accessing your website from a mobile phone.
  • Easily accessed on smart phone browsers such as the Blackberry, iPhone, Andorid and Nokia
  • Programmed to fetch information from existing databases.

Mobile sites are best suited for

  • Corporate websites
  • Pricing Display
  • Store/Dealer Locations
  • Tickets Bookings
  • Events Calendar
  • Contact Forms
  • Google Map Location plotting
  • Contacts or People Directory
  • Classifies
  • E-commerce (Mobile Commerce)
  • Messaging Sites
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